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For Those Who Gave So Much

Many people sacrificed their personal lives and available time dedicating themselves to ensure the safety of our precious community. This wonderful organization would never be what is is now without their efforts. Here are just a few of these members to be recognized:

Lawrence McFarland  (Asst. Chief)  -died Dec. 2, 1946
Lawrence McFarland was one of the original Charter Members of the Fire Department serving from 1942 until his death in 1946 when he was fatally injured while working at a sawmill. He served as an original Fire Co. Trustee from 1942-1945 and an original Asst. Chief 1942-1946.

Edwin Cross  (Secretary & Treasurer)  -died Feb. 2, 1959
Edwin Cross was an original Charter Member of the Fire Dept. who served as the Fire Co.'s first secretary and treasurer from 1942-1943. He became an honorary member in 1944 when he resigned for health reasons.

Carl Wanamaker  (Chief)  -died Aug. 8, 1960
Chief Wanamaker was one of the original Charter members of the Fire Department and our first Fire Chief from 1942-1946. He also served as Fire Co. President and Vice President and remained on the department until he suffered a heart attack and passed away at work in 1960.

Donald Ramer  (Assistant Chief)  -died Mar. 5, 1968
Donald Ramer joined the Fire Department April 13, 1964. He served as Fire Co. Trustee in 1966 and 1967. He became 3rd Assistant Chief in 1967 and served in that capacity until his death. He suffered an apparent heart attack during a Fire Department Building Committee meeting which he was chairman.

Robert LaRue  (Chief)  -died Dec. 16, 1975

Chief LaRue joined the Fire Dept. as a junior member in 1956. He served as Fire Co. Trustee from 1959-1964. He was the Rescue Squad Lieutenant from 1961-1963. He served as Assistant Chief from 1963-1972. He was Chief for 3 years from 1972 until his sudden death in 1975.


William Burns  (President)  -died Mar. 10, 1988

Bill Burns was a Charter member and original Fire Co. President serving in that capacity from 1942-1957. Mr. Burns also served his community as a Township Trustee for 6 years and a Geauga County Commissioner for 23 years while remaining involved with the Fire Department.

Williard Franks  (Chief)  -died Feb. 19, 1997

Chief Williard "Dutch" Franks joined the Fire Dept. in September of 1942. He quickly became Assistant Chief from 1943-1944. He became chief in 1946 and served in that position for 23 years until 1969 being the longest single person to hold that position. He served as Fire Co. Trustee from that time until his retirement in 1974. He also served his community as a constable for the Township prior to the establishment of a Police Department. He worked for the local telephone company where his wife ran the switchboard from his residence.


Edward Plomske  (Chief)  -died February 14, 2002

Chief Edward Plomske joined the Fire Dept. in 1962. He was responsible for originally setting up our Advanced Life Support services in 1980 and was one of the first Paramedics in Geauga County. He served in the capacity of Fire Company Trustee, Lieutenant, and Assistant Chief before becoming Chief in 1979. He was very involved in the Geauga County Chief's Association as well as his community. Chief Plomske remained very active with the department until his retirement in 1998 as chief for 19 years.



William Burns President, Secretary -died Mar. 9, 1988
David Chittock Trustee -died ????
Edwin Cross Secretary, Treasurer -died Feb. 2, 1959
Frank Jaros Trustee -died 1970
Carlton Lowe Trustee -died Dec. 28, 1953
Elwin McFarland Trustee -died 1962
Lawrence McFarland Asst. Chief, Trustee -died Dec. 2, 1946
Clell Taylor Trustee -died Apr. 21, 1969
Carl Wanamaker Chief, President, -died Aug. 8, 1960
Vice Pres., Trustee